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Advanced Filter dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Advanced Filter command or the Advanced Filter button is selected in the Filter toolbar.

Find | Columns | Conditions list box

Shows the list of defined filters.

Enable/Disable All check box

Enables or disables all items in the list.

Column drop down list box

Changes the column for the items selected in the list.

Begin text box

Specifies the one-based index of the character where the search begins.

End text box

Specifies the one-based index of the character where the search ends. The specified ending character is exclusive. For instance, if you specify 1 in the Begin text box, and 2 in the End text box, only one character (2-1=1) will be searched.

Count Last check box

If this is checked, the search range is counted from the end of the line.

All the Rest check box

If this is checked, the search range is up to the end of the line.

Match Case check box

Match cases when searching for a string.

Use Regular Expressions check box

Enable regular expressions. For more information on regular expression syntax, see To Use Regular Expressions.

Use Escape Sequence check box

Enable escape sequences. You can use the following characters as escape sequences.


Warning (Bell)




Form feed


Horizontal tab


Vertical tab




Unicode character in octal notation


Unicode character in hexadecimal notation

A null character (\0) may not be used.

Match Whole Word check box

Search words only. A word is defined as a string that begins and ends with any of these characters: A – Z, a – z, 0 – 9, or an underscore. Strings surrounded by full-width characters are considered words. When using regular expressions, this check box may not work correctly. When using regular expressions, please use word boundary expressions (\<, \>, and \b) instead.

Negative check box

This negates the match condition. Therefore, the lines matched to the specified string will be hidden from the document when displayed.

Match Whole String check box

This matches the whole item in the selected column, character positions, or the whole line. It is recommended to set this option whenever possible to optimize the filter for speed. When multiple filter conditions are defined with the Logical Disjunction, set this option for all conditions to increase the filter speed extremely faster.

Logical Disjunction (OR) to the Previous Condition check box

Specifies a logical disjunction (logical OR) to the previous condition. If this is not checked, a logical conjunction (logical AND) is specified.

Filter button

Applies the speicified conditions and closes this dialog box.

Clear button

Removes all the defined filters, and closes this dialog box.

Import button

Imports a previously exported TSV file containing the filter conditions.

Export button

Exports defined filter conditions into a file. The file format can be a TSV, JavaScript or VBScript macro format.

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