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EmEditor Dialog Boxes: Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion dialog box

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Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion command is selected. You can specify types of characters to convert and how to convert them.

Katakana check box

Apply conversion to Katakana.

Kana Marks check box

Apply conversion to Kana Marks.

Alphabets and Numbers check box

Apply conversion to alphabets and numbers.

Alphabetical Marks check box

Apply conversions to alphabetical marks.

Spaces check box

Apply conversion to spaces.

Full-Width Characters radio button

Convert half-width characters to full-width characters.

Half-Width Characters radio button

Convert full-width characters to half-width characters.

All radio button

Convert all text.

Selection radio button

Convert only the selection.

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