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Insert Numbering dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Numbering command is selected. It allows you to insert sequential numbers at the cursor position or vertical selection.

First Line text box

Specifies an initial value or character to insert at the first line.

Increment text box

Specifies an increment in the decimal notation. This is the change in value between the first line and the second line.

Number of Lines text box

Specifies the number of lines in the decimal notation.

Hexadecimal radio button

Inserts numbers in hexadecimal notation.

Decimal radio button

Inserts numbers in decimal notation.

Octal radio button

Inserts numbers in octal notation.

Binary radio button

Inserts numbers in binary notation.

Character radio button

Inserts characters instead of numbers. Starting with the number specified in the First Line text box, this option inserts sequential characters using the increment of the Unicode value specified in the Increment text box. Only one character can be inserted at each line.

Capital Letters check box

Inserts hexadecimal values in capital letters.

Skip Empty Lines

Numbering will continue after empty lines, without numbering the empty lines.

Restart Numbering after Empty Lines

Numbering will restart from the first value after empty lines.

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