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EmEditor Dialog Boxes: Join CSV dialog box

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Join CSV dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Join CSV command or the Join CSV button is selected in the CSV/Sort toolbar.

CSV Document 1 drop-down list box

Selects the first document.

CSV Document 2 drop-down list box

Selects the second document. The two CSV documents will be merged by matching the key columns, unless Simply Merge is toggled.

Key Column drop-down list box

Selects the key column.

Unique Key check box

If each line in the key column contains a unique value, this option reduces the speed of the Join operation.

Include all non-matching rows check box

Include all non-matching rows when merged. This is equivalent to OUTER JOIN in SQL if both check boxes are checked, LEFT JOIN if only the left check box is checked, RIGHT JOIN if only the right check box is checked, and INNER JOIN if neither are checked.

Ignore Headings check box

If this is checked, headings in the key column are ignored, so that original headings are retained in the merged document.

Match Case check box

If this is checked, column comparisons are case sensitive.

Simply Merge (No Keys) check box

If this is checked, EmEditor joins the two documents without comparing the key columns.

CSV Document/Column list box

This shows a list of all columns in both documents. The selected columns are included in the output, in this order.

Enable/Disable All check box

This check box enables or disables all items in the list.

Up button

Moves the selected item(s) up on the list.

Down button

Moves the selected item(s) down on the list.

Export button

Exports the current settings into a JavaScript or VBScript macro file. The exported macro file can be used to run the same operation.

Join Now button

Merges the documents.

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