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EmEditor Dialog Boxes: Configuration Properties

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Configuration Properties

This dialog box appears when the Properties button is selected in the Define Configurations dialog box, when the Properties for Current Configuration command is selected, or when the Properties for All Configurations command is selected. The following tabs exist on this dialog box.

b General tab

b Scroll tab

b File tab

b Backup tab

b Auto Save tab

b Wrap tab

b No Wrap tab

b Highlight (1) tab

b Highlight (2) tab

b Display tab

b Marks tab

b Print tab

b Link tab

b Keyboard tab

b Spelling tab

b Outline tab

The following dialog boxes are also available through Configuration Properties.

b Tab/Indent dialog box (Select the Tab/Indent button on the General tab)

b New Files dialog box (Select the New Files button on the File tab)

b Saving dialog box (Select the Saving button on the File tab)

b Customize Font dialog box (Select the Font button on the Display tab or Print tab)

b Reset dialog box (each page or dialog boxes)

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