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Link page

The Link page allows you to set properties related to links.

Active String list box

Displays the list of types that can be specified to be enabled as Active String. Each item with the check mark acts as Active String. An action can be assigned to each Active String for each event in the Active String page of the Customize dialog box.

Remember Visited Links check box

Remembers the visited URLs, mail addresses and tags (after the Find in Files command) and highlight those links according to the specified colors specified in the Display page of configuration properties.

Recognize Double-Byte Characters as URLs check box

Recognize double-byte characters as URLs.

Recognize Single-Byte Kana and Kana Marks as URLs check box

Recognize single-byte kana and kana marks as URLs.

Recognize These Characters text box

Specify characters that are recognized as URLs. The characters consist of ASCII code value less than 128.

Characters Not Allowed at End text box

Among characters specified in the Recognize These Characters text box, specify characters not allowed at the end of URLs.

Reset button

Resets to default settings. The Reset dialog box will be displayed and will allow you to copy from another configuration.

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