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EmEditor FAQ: How can I install an EmEditor syntax file?

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Q. How can I install an EmEditor syntax file?

1. Choose Select Configuration under the Tools menu.


2. Click Define Configuration at the very bottom of the list.


3. Click the New button, select Use Default Configuration and click OK.


4. Enter a descriptive name and click Enter.


5. Click the Properties button and select the Highlight (1) page.


6. Click on the Import button, locate, and open the appropriate syntax file. If the "Import" button is disabled, check if "Only User Defined Strings" or "Both User-Defined Strings and Default Keywords" is selected in the drop-down list box under the "Enable Keyword Highlight".


7. Finally, click on OK to close the Properties dialog box and click on Close to close the Configurations dialog box.


If you want to enable associated extensions and specify an extension or extensions that EmEditor should associate with the configuration, follow these additional steps:


8. Go to Associate Configuration on the Tools menu.


9. Click the New button.


Type the file extension with the wildcard, for example "*.ext".


Select your newly defined configuration name.

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