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EmEditor Features: New Features exclusive to EmEditor Professional

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New Features exclusive to EmEditor Professional

New features

Powerful and functionally-rich macros

Replace in Files

Find in Files specifying an Encoding

Combine Windows

New commands

Close All without Save command

Tabify command

Untabify command

Increase Line Indent command

Decrease Line Indent command

Comment command

Uncomment command

Insert Caron command

Tabify All command

Move to Last Edited Position command

Next Bookmark in This Window command

Previous Bookmark in This Window command

Replace in Files command

Marks command

Increase Font Size command

Decrease Font Size command

Run Macro with Temporary Options command

Save Macro command

Edit Macro command

Select Macro command

Select This Macro command

Customize Macros command

Macro Reference command

Find Macro Keyword command

Run Macro command

Combine Windows command

Find Next Unicode command

Find Previous Unicode command

Erase Unicode Highlight command

Existing commands with new features

Insert Acute command

Insert Tilde command

New dialog boxes

Replace in Files dialog box

Macro Temporary Options dialog box

Customize Macros dialog box dialog box

Existing dialog boxes with new options

Search dialog box

Replace dialog box

Find in Files dialog box

Customize dialog box

Customize Tray Icon dialog box

Toolbar new buttons

filesaveexit Save and Close command

saveexitall Save and Close All command

nextparen Find Matching Parenthesis/Bracket command

duplicateline Duplicate Line command

insertcontrol Insert Special Character command

marks Marks command

editcomment Comment command

edituncomment Uncomment command

indent Increase Line Indent command

unindent Decrease Line Indent command

macrosave Save Macro command

macroedit Edit Macro command

macroselect Select Macro command

windowsplithorzfix Toggle Horizontal Split

windowcombine Combine Windows command

increasefontsize Increase Font Size command

decreasefontsize Decrease Font Size command

replaceinfiles Replace in Files command

bookmarkprevwithin Previous Bookmark in This Window command

bookmarknextwithin Next Bookmark in This Window command

Other new features

The Find command can search for newline characters if A Regular Expression "." Can Match Newline Characters check box in the Search page is checked. The number of newline characters to be matched can be customized in the Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions text box.

Added the Replace >> button on the Find dialog box to jump to the Replace dialog box.

Added the > button on all the search dialog boxes to browse available regular expressions.

Added the Display File Names Only check box in the Find in Files dialog box.

Added the Change Font for Find/Replace Drop-Down List check box and the Change Font only if Character Set of Selected Font is not System Default check box in the Search page of the Customize dialog box, which allows you to select conditions when the font for the Find/Replace drop-down list should be adjusted to the current font.

Added a shortcut key to display the Tray Icon menu. By default, it is ALT + CTRL + N, and you can customize it in the Shortcut Key to Simulate Left Mouse Button text box in the Customize Tray Icon dialog box.

Added a shortcut key to launch an EmEditor window with the contents of the focused edit box. The original edit box will be filled with EmEditor contents when the EmEditor window closes. By default, it is ALT + CTRL + X, and you can customize it in the Shortcut Key to Grab Text with EmEditor text box in the Customize Tray Icon dialog box.

When saving a file, and the prompt message "This document contains characters in Unicode format ... Continue?" appears, pressing the Cancel button jumps to characters that cannot be converted to the encoding for saving, and also highlights the Unicode characters.

Added new switches /bk, /eh, /fu, /fn, /ko, /mf, /rc, /rd, /ri,  and /rw to the Command Line Options.

Replacement expressions including lowercase/uppercase and half-width/full-width conversions.

Optimized for the Pentium 4 CPU (can also run on other CPUs).

Features will be added to EmEditor Professional in the future.

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