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Other New Features

Other features introduced on Version 9 include:

Indentation after #include or Label: line can be ignored now.

The Horizontal/Vertical lines are now drawn below text, and flickering was completely eliminated.

The cursor now jumps to the invalid character position if a null or invalid character is detected during the opening after the warning dialog.

The UTF-16 entry was added to the Auto Detect encoding dialog box.

The replace format "(?n:true_expression:false_expression)" was added to regular expression replace formats.

The Find in Files and Replace in Files dialog boxes are modeless now.

Incremental search is supported in the Find and Replace dialog boxes.

The = button was added to toggle between single and multiple text boxes in the Find and Replace dialog boxes.

The IME contextual reconversion is supported now.

Cursor size and color can be customized now.

Text color and background color of custom bars can be specified now.

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