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EmEditor Features: Powerful Tab Features

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Powerful Tab Features

Enhanced tab features are stable since all windows run in a single window in a single process unlike previous versions which only combine windows.

Tab or Button style can be selected.

Close button (×) on the right-side of the tab can be clicked to close the active document.

Window-grouping is supported, and any tab item can be dragged-and-dropped into another group to join or to create a new group.

Tab icons and the button width can be customized.

The command to run when double-clicking the tab or clicking the tab by the middle mouse button can be customized.

The mouse wheel rotation activates another document.

The context menu on the tab can be customized.

The New tab insert position, Which tab should be activated when a tab is closed, and the Window to open a new document with can be customized.

The tab can be arranged by file names, types, modified times or the recently activated order. The Auto arrange can also be specified.

The tab can be extended to multiple rows or the width can be automatically adjusted when it doesn't fit in the window.

(New feature in EmEditor Professional Version 5)

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