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EmEditor History: Version 10

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Version 10

June 30, 2010

New General Features

Compare and Synchronize Scrolling features were added.

Spelling features were added.

Vertical selection of zero width at the right of end of lines will cause the selection move to end of each line in the selection. Then typing will insert text at end of each line (even if line lengths are not the same).

The new Numbering command allows you to insert sequential numbers or characters at the cursor position or vertical selection.

The CSV mode now allows you to include newline characters in a cell. Embedded returns are displayed as M (CR) and/or J (LF) in the reversed background color when the Show Control Characters check box is checked in the Marks tab of configuration properties.

The context menu displayed by right-clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer now includes the new Find in Files with EmEditor command.

The auto recovery feature now opens the last used workspace automatically (the Recovered Files dialog has been deprecated). When updating EmEditor with the new installer, EmEditor windows will be automatically closed, and they will be reopened as the last used workspace.

The new installer now allows several language editions in a single installer (currently English and Japanese are included).

The new Update Checker that came with the new installer is now used (v9 Update Checker has been deprecated).

New command line option /cmp was added.

When localized language files are old, EmEditor now automatically uses English strings and dialog box resources whenever possible.

EmEditor now supports a combination of left (&l), center (&c), and right (&r) align for Print header and footer.

Binary (Hexadecimal View) mode now includes ASCII view side by side.

Vertical selection is now limited to logical selections (multiple selections because of line wraps are no longer allowed).

In the previous version, a new untitled document was opened after canceling the dialog box that appears when reloading a file with invalid characters. This has been fixed, except when opening a huge file asynchronously.

Default PHP highlight strings were updated to the latest PHP function list.

A new replacement expression (?n:true_expression:false_expression) was added to the regular expression syntax.

New plug-in features

Snippets plug-in

The WordComplete plug-in now works inside Snippet placeholders.

The global option was added to the Snippets plug-in regular expression.

Outline plug-in

Synchronize selection to cursor position, Set focus in the custom bar at first run, ESC key to close the custom bar, and ENTER key or Go command to close the custom bar check boxes were added to the Outline plug-in Properties.

Hide matched strings/replace with regular expressions check box and Regular Expression text box were added to allow you to hide matched strings or replace matched strings with regular expressions.

Word Complete plug-in

The Exclude Matched and Same-Length Word from the Candidate List check box was added to the Options tab of the plug-in properties.

Explorer plug-in

The Explorer plug-in did not always synchronize the selection with an opened active file. This bug was fixed.

New options

Spelling page was added to Configuration Properties.

The Standard Error drop-down list box was added to the External Tool Properties, and the Include Standard Error check box was deprecated. This change allows you to specify the Standard Output and the Standard Error outputs separately.

The Find dialog box now includes the new Count Matches check box, which displays the number of matches in the status bar when you have searched for a string.

Category name is now displayed when you press an assigned key in the Press New Shortcut Key text box.

The Files or Folders to Ignore text box (Find in Files > Advanced) now allows up to 15,999 characters.

The > button on the right side of the Find/Replace drop-down list (Find/Replace/Find in Files/Replace in Files dialog) now includes Selected Text, Word at Cursor, Custom, Save as Default, and Multiline commands. The = button was deprecated.

Another > button was added to the right side of the File Types drop-down list box (Find in Files/Replace in Files dialog). This button includes Current File Type, Current File, and Save as Default commands.

The ... button on the right side of the In Folder drop-down list box (Find in Files/Replace in Files dialog) was changed to the > button. This button includes Current Folder, Parent Folder, Grand Parent Folder, Custom, Browse, and Save as Default commands.

Use Selected Text in Find/Replace Dialog Box check box, Use Word at Cursor in Find/Replace Dialog Box check box, and Use Current Folder as Default for Find in Files check box (Search tab of the Customize dialog box) were deprecated.

Tab order was changed in the Replace/Find in Files/Replace in Files dialog boxes.

Wiggly line and Dotted Line were added to the (Font Style) drop-down list box in the Display page of configuration properties.

Horizontal Grid check box was added to the Scroll page of configuration properties. The Dotted Line check box was deprecated.

The Header check box and the Footer check box were added to the Print page of Configuration Properties.

The Delete All button was added to the My Macros page of the Customize Macros dialog box.

The Use English when Localized Item Not Available check box was added to the Language page of the Customize dialog box.

The 256 color button in the Toolbars dialog box was deprecated.

The Insert Numbering dialog box was added.

New commands

Save as UTF-16LE with Signature

Save as UTF-16LE without Signature

Save as UTF-16BE with Signature

Save as UTF-16BE without Signature

Save as UTF-8 with Signature

Save as UTF-8 without Signature

HTML/XML Character Reference to Unicode

Unicode to HTML/XML Character Reference

Universal Character Names to Unicode

Unicode to Universal Character Names


Select Cell

Next Cell

Previous Cell

Check Spelling

Check Spelling in Quoted Lines

Check Spelling in String Enclosed by Single Quotation Marks

Check Spelling in String Enclosed by Double Quotation Marks

Check Spelling in Comments

Check Spelling in Script

Check Spelling in Tags

Check Spelling in Highlighted Text

Check Spelling in Hyperlinks

Check Spelling in Unspecified Text

Check Spelling in All

Previous Misspelling

Next Misspelling

Spelling Suggestion


Enable Shortcut Keys

Line Numbers






Wide Spaces

CR and LF with Different Marks

Control Characters

Indent Guides

Tab Columns

Indent Columns

Auto Indent

Insert Spaces for Tabs

Wrap Indent


Compare with Options


Synchronize Scrolling

Synchronize Scrolling with Options


Ignore Leading Spaces

Ignore Trailing Spaces

Ignore Embedded Spaces

Ignore Cases

Ignore Returns

Ignore Comments

Ignore Encodings

Synchronize Vertical Scrolling

Synchronize Horizontal Scrolling

Synchronize Cursor Positions

Restore Window Positions when Finished

Save Options

Previous Change

Next Change

Previous Changed Line

Next Changed Line

Restore Tabbed Window Position

Synchronize Horizontal Scrolling when Split

Synchronize Vertical Scrolling when Split

Next Pane or Custom Bar

Previous Pane or Custom Bar

Last Accessed Document

Least Accessed Document

Right Document

Left Document

New Toolbar Buttons

compare24x16 Compare

Compares two recently viewed documents without specifying options.

rescan24x16 Rescan

Rescans the compared documents and refresh the results.

sync24x16 Synchronize Scrolling

Synchronizes scrolling of two recently viewed documents without specifying options.

reset24x16 Reset

Resets comparison or synchronized scrolling mode and clears comparison results.

line_number24x16 Line Numbers

Shows or hides line numbers.

ruler24x16 Ruler

Shows or hides the ruler.

auto_indent24x16 Auto Indent

Enables or disables the auto indent.

space_tab24x16 Insert Spaces for Tabs

Inserts spaces for tabs.

wrap_indent24x16 Wrap Indent

Enables or disables the wrap indent.

tab_column24x16 Tab Columns

Displays a popup menu to select tab columns.

indent_column24x16 Indent Columns

Displays a popup menu to select indent columns.

html2uni24x16 HTML/XML Character Reference to Unicode

Decodes the selected text from HTML/XML Character Reference.

uni2html24x16 Unicode to HTML/XML Character Reference

Encodes the selected text to HTML/XML Character Reference.

ucs2uni24x16 Universal Character Names to Unicode

Decodes the selected text from Universal Character Names.

uni2ucs24x16 Unicode to Universal Character Names

Encodes the selected text to Universal Character Names.

spelling24x16 Check Spelling

Checks spelling of the document.

Macros new features

SpellProp Object

Spell property was added to the Config Object.

HorizontalGrid property was added to the ScrollProp Object. The DottedLine property was deprecated.

The Find method now returns the number of the occurrences of the matched string if the eeFindCount flag is specified.

Plug-in API new features

EE_GET_WORD message.

Editor_GetWord inline function.


byteCrLf field and FLAG_GET_CRLF_BYTE flag was added to the GET_LINE_INFO structure.

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