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EmEditor History: Version 15.7

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Version 15.7

December 16, 2015

New General Features

You can now select Onigmo as the regular expression engine in addition to Boost.Regex. If Onigmo is selected as the regular expression engine, you can use character types such as \p{Han}, \p{Hangul}, \p{Hebrew}, etc. To find more details about the Onigmo regular expression syntax, please view and Unicode Properties

This version allows you to search and replace CR and LF separately.

If you try to search for a string containing \r (CR) while the Treat CR and LF separately option is disabled, the prompt message “The search string contains CR. Do you want to enable the Treat CR and LF Separately option?” will appear now.

If the last line of the document is empty, regular expressions will not match the last line anymore.

New Options

The Default Regular Expression Engine drop-down list box was added to the Search page of the Customize dialog box.

The Customize button was replaced with Advanced button in the Find/Replace dialog boxes. In the Advanced dialog box, more search options are included now.

The Advanced button was added to the Find toolbar.

The Show the Start window when the Down key is pressed on a new document check box was added to the Customize Start Window dialog box.

New Commands

Advanced (Find toolbar)

Plug-in New Features

The Collapse All and Extract All commands were added to the context menu on the Symbol list of the Projects plug-in.

Plug-in API New Features

The EE_FIND_REPLACE message was added.

The Editor_FindReplace, Editor_FindInFiles, and Editor_ReplaceInFiles inline function were added.


Macro New Features

The eeFindMatchDotNL flag was added to the nFlags parameter and eeExFindRegexBoost, eeExFindRegexOnigmo and eeExFindSeparateCRLF flags were added to the nExFlags parameter of the Find method and Replace method of the Selection object.


We would like to thank K. Kosako (Oniguruma) and K. Takata (Onigmo) who created the amazing regular expression engine.

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