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EmEditor History: Version 16.0

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Version 16.0

May 24, 2016

New General Features

The new Find dialog box allows you to extract searched strings from the current document or all opened documents.

New document titles are now suffixed with sequential numbers, such as Untitled-1, Untitled-2, .... (Notes: This causes breaking changes in Name and FullName properties of the Document object in macros)

The Web Help was improved so that it allows searches within the Help.

The new version does not include line numbers when only file names are extracted in the Find in Files dialog box.

The Record All Activities command is obsolete.

By default, the following tag formats are supported now.

  C:\...\filename.txt: (file name only)

  C:\...\filename.txt(5:3): (line 5, column 3)

New Options

The Extract Options dialog box was added.

The Quote All Cells button was added to the CSV Converter.

The Play Extra Sounds check box was added to the Window page of the Customize dialog box.

The default value for the Maximum Memory Size in the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box become 90%.

The Set Focus in Output Bar check box was added to the External Tool Properties.

The Record Mouse Activities and Keyboard Input to Other Applications check box, the Record All Mouse Movements check box, and the Idle Time before Inserting Sleep method text box are obsolete in the Options page of the Customize Macros dialog box.

New Commands

Quote All Cells

Plug-in API New Features

The EE_GET_FILTER message, the Editor_GetFilter inline function, and the FILTER_INFO_EX structure were added.

The EI_GET_UNTITLED flag was added to the EE_INFO message.

Macro New Features

The Filter Object and Filters Collection were added.

The filters property and Untitled property were added to the Document object.

The eeFindFileAndLine, eeFindFileNamesOnly, eeFindLineOnly, eeFindMatchedOnly, and eeFindOutput flags were added to the Find method of the Selection object.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the bug where the Find in Files with Onigmo regular expressions could crash EmEditor.

Fixed the bug where the Delete and Undo under the virtual space mode did not work correctly.

Fixed certain bugs related to the CSV cell mode.

Improved the behavior when a critical error in file read/write occurs.

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