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EmEditor History: Version 16.5

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Version 16.5

March 2, 2017

New General Features

The new version allows you to specify the file open From (default) position and To (default) position.

The Mouse Wheel rotation while pressing the SHIFT key scrolls the editor horizontally.

Right-click on many list boxes in dialog boxes such as Advanced Filter and Batch Replace displays a context menu containing the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands.

Advanced Filter and Batch Replace dialog boxes allow imports and exports of the plain text format as well as the TSV format.

Many text boxes in dialog boxes such as Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files support text drag and drop.

Configuration Properties, Customize dialog box and Customize Markers dialog box allow you to search an entire dialog box for a specified text. (If you prefer the old behavior, please run Regedit and create a new REG_DWORD value "NewPropertySheet" as 0 at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\EmSoft\EmEditor v3\Common.

During updates the installer displays a prompt message box to close Explorer if running.

Menu customizations are saved per language.

The Customize Menus dialog box now supports drag and drop menu items, and right-click in the list box displays a contet menu containing copy and paste commands.

New Options

The Customize button and From (default), To (default) text boxes were added to the Large File Controller.

The Prompt when only a specified portion of file is opened check box, From (default), and To (default) text boxes were added to the File page of the Customize dialog box.

The Swap Find and Replace strings command was added to the context menu displayed when clicked on the > button next to the Replace with button in the Replace dialog box and Replace in Files dialog box.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue with the Set Heading command.

Fixed the issue with the Undo command.

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