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EmEditor History: Version 18.9

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Version 18.9

May 9, 2019

New General Features

The new version allows you find/replace/filter a specified range of IPv4/IPv6 addresses. An IP address range can be specified as a number range syntax or an IPv4/IPv6 CIDR notation.

Greatly improved the speed of Find/Replace/Filter, the Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Full-width, and Half-width commands using multi-threaded code even when temporary files are used to open very large files.

Greatly improved the speed of the Save and Save As commands.

Test results:






Comparison to v18.0

Find "abc" with "Count Matches" option

4.09 seconds

3.26 seconds

1.80 seconds

0.453 seconds

0.156 seconds

26.2 times faster

Replace "abc" with "@@@"

4.30  seconds

3.22 seconds

1.75 seconds

0.437 seconds

0.110 seconds

39.1 times faster

Filter "abc"

4.16 seconds

3.14 seconds

1.73 seconds

0.156 seconds

0.109 seconds

38.2 times faster

* Test conditions same as Version 18.2.

New Options

Added the IP Address/CIDR notation check box/text box to the Enter Number Range dialog box.

Added the Sort IPv4 Addresses Ascending, Sort IPv4 Addresses Descending, Sort IPv6 Addresses Ascending, and Sort IPv6 Addresses Descending radio buttons to the Sort by Multiple Columns dialog box.

The new version allows you to enter a number larger than 4096 MB to the Maximum Memory Size per File text box in the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box (64-bit versions only).

New Commands

Sort IPv4 Addresses Ascending

Sort IPv4 Addresses Descending

Sort IPv6 Addresses Ascending

Sort IPv6 Addresses Descending

Plug-in API New Features

Added the SORT_IPV4 and SORT_IPV6 flags to the SORT_INFO structure and Editor_Sort inline function.

Macro New Features

Added the I (sorts IPv4 addresses) and P (sorts IPv6 addresses) options to the Sort method of the Document object.

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