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EmEditor History: Version 19.1

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Version 19.1

August 27, 2019

New General Features

Added the ability to specify which individual characters to convert in the Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion dialog box.

The new version shows a message box to ask whether you want to remove the item from the recent file/folder list when a file/folder did not exist when you tried to open it from the recent file/folder list.

Added regular expression support for back references more than 9 by using this form: \k<10>, \k<11>, \k<12> .... If used as a replacement expression, this form can also be used: $10, $11, $12, ....

Added regular expression support for named capturing group by using this form: (?<name>expression) and named back reference by using this form: \k<name>.

Greatly improved the speed of Delete Duplicate Lines and various sort commands.

Test results:




Delete Duplicate Lines (default options)

20.3  seconds

15.4 seconds

1.31 times faster

Delete Duplicate Lines (compare adjacent lines only)

15.0 seconds

3.24 seconds

4.63 times faster

Sort A to Z (default options)

106.3 seconds

88.5 seconds

1.20 times faster

Sort A to Z (fast binary comparison)

59.9 seconds

44.3 seconds

1.35 times faster

Sort Shortest to Longest

8.67 seconds

4.47 seconds

1.94 times faster

* 2.70 GB, 200 million lines, random ASCII data, Use Temporary Files option on, 16 threads, Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

Added the Half-width and Full-width characters list box, the Options list box, Set Options as Default button to the Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion dialog box.

Added the Extend selection on the Duplicate Lines/Columns commands check box to the Edit page of the Customize dialog box.

Added the Middle Click to Paste and Right Click to Set Cursor Position check boxes to the Mouse page of the Customize dialog box.

Plug-in API New Features

Added the EE_GET_UNICODE_NAME message, Editor_GetUnicodeName inline function, and UNICODE_NAME_INFO structure.

Added the EE_NUMBERING message, Editor_Numbering inline function, and NUMBERING_INFO structure.

Added the EI_GET_CHAR_TYPE command to the EE_INFO message.

Added the FLAG_CONVERT_CUSTOM, FLAG_RIGHT_SINGLE_QUOTATION, and FLAG_RIGHT_DOUBLE_QUOTATION flags and szChars parameter to the EE_CONVERT message and Editor_Convert inline function.

Macro New Features

Added the GetUnicodeName method to the Editor object.

Added the Numbering method to the Document object.

Added the eeWidthCustom, eeWidthRightSingleQuotation, and eeWidthRightDoubleQuotation flags and szChars parameter to the ChangeWidth method.

Added the LineColor property to the DisplayItem object.

Added the eeColorValidatorError, eeColorValidatorWarning, and eeColorValidatorMessage constants to the Item property of the DisplayList collection.

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