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EmEditor History: Version 4.10

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Version 4.10

January 23, 2005

The Status page is added to the Customize dialog box.

You can now change the Windows Toolbar button order by drag-and-dropping a button on the Windows Toolbar.

The Close All Others command added.

The Move Next command and the Move Previous command added.

The status bar now shows the character code value at the cursor position.

The Capitalize command added.

The eeCaseCapitalize flag added to ChangeCase method.

The Split Lines command and the Join Lines command added.

The eeFormatSplitLines flag and the eeFormatJoinLines flag added to the Format method.

The Import and Export command added.

The context menu added in the Keyboard Map window.

You can now display or edit Properties for selected items in Keyboard Map.

You can now display Keyboard Map for All Configurations.

You can now copy selected items as text to the Clipboard.

You can now assign Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown by pressing Ctrl, depressing, and pressing PageUp or PageDown on the Keyboard page of Properties.

Toolbars with 16 colors can now display external tool icons.

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