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EmEditor History: Version 6.00

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Version 6.00

June 12, 2006

Added the Shortcut page on the Customize dialog box, which allows you to display or hide the Tray Icon, Send To Shortcut and other shortcuts. Moreover, the Quick Start check box was added to make EmEditor launch faster.

Custom bars can now be displayed using plug-ins.


Editor_CustomBarOpen, Editor_CustomBarClose, Editor_MatchRegex, Editor_FindRegex, Editor_GetOutlineLevel, Editor_SetOutlineLevel, Editor_ShowOutline, Editor_EnumConfig inline functions added to the plug-in interface.

New flags added to EE_SET_CARET_POS message, and Editor_SetCaretPos and Editor_SetCaretPosEx inline functions.

EVENT_IDLE, EVENT_CUSTOM_BAR_CLOSED, and EVENT_CUSTOM_BAR_CLOSING events added to the plug-in interface.

EP_PRE_TRANSLATE_MSG message added to the messages to plug-ins.

CUSTOM_BAR_INFO, CUSTOM_BAR_CLOSE_INFO, FIND_REGEX_INFO, MATCH_REGEX_INFO structures added to the plug-in interface.

The installer became Windows Installer, which allows installation without displaying dialog boxes.

The Language page was added to the Customize dialog box. By installing additional language components, the user interface language can be switched.

The Do Not Close Last Document by Selecting Close Command check box was added to the Window page of the Customize dialog box.

The Use Output Bar check box was added to the External Tool Properties dialog box.

The Automatically Name Untitled Document check box was added to the Save Details dialog box.

The management method for the current folder is changed, and solved the issue that previously used folders could not be removed.

The Outside of Tabs - Middle Mouse Button Click drop-down list box and the Outside of Tabs - Left Mouse Button Double-Click drop-down list box were added to the Tab page of the Customize dialog box.

New command line options (/ar, /ca, /car, /di, /hide, /ipi, /sca) were added.

Active Pane, Collapse/Expand Line, Collapse Line, Expand Line, Collapse All, Expand All, Next Node, Previous Node, Next Node Extend, Previous Node Extend, Restore Deleted String commands added.

The Find and Replace dialog box positions are now remembered.

The Search All Open Documents check box added to the Find dialog box.

ActiveScript languages other than JavaScript and VBScript can now be used by adding the #language directive on the first line of a macro.

The Avoid Printer Access check box was added to the File page of the Customize dialog box.

The Current Folder check box was added to the Status page of the Customize dialog box.

Now supports Windows Vista, including the new security feature called User Account Control. EmEditor clearly distinguishes options that need administrative privileges (Associate with EmEditor dialog box, Customize More Shortcuts dialog box, etc.), and allows you to run usually with least privileges environment.

EmEditor now allows you to register per user as well as per computer.

All installer packages (msi), executable files (exe), and application extensions (dll) are now digitally signed.

During uninstall, a new option allows you to keep the application settings.

New parameters added to EP_SET_UNINSTALL message to plug-ins.

Added the Toggle Output Bar command on the View menu.

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