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EmEditor History: Version 7.00

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Version 7.00

December 18, 2007

The new multithreaded design now allows you to view or edit documents while opening a huge file.

Read Unmodified Lines from the Original File check box, Lock the Original File check box, and Minimum File Size to Open Asynchronously text box were added to the Advanced page of the Customize dialog box, and optimized the speed to open a huge file.

Custom toolbars can now be displayed using plug-ins.


Editor_ToolbarOpen, Editor_ToolbarClose, Editor_ToolbarShow, Editor_Help, Editor_RegSetValue, Editor_RegQueryValue, Editor_QueryString, Editor_KeyboardProp, Editor_GetAccelArray Editor_DocGetLines, Editor_OutputDir, Editor_OutputString, Editor_EnumHighlight inline functions added to the plug-in interface.

TOOLBAR_INFO, REG_SET_VALUE_INFO, REG_QUERY_VALUE_INFO structures added to the plug-in interface.

EVENT_TOOLBAR_CLOSED, EVENT_TOOLBAR_SHOW events added to the plug-in interface.

EmEditor now allows you to edit bigger files than previous versions (depending on the available memory).

The Macros toolbar was added to allow you easily access My Macros.

You can now change the icon, the title, and the tooltip of a macro button (#icon directive, #title directive, #tooltip directive).

The Display Macros Toolbar check box was added to the Toolbars dialog box.

The Find dialog box and the Replace dialog box are now resizable.

EmEditor now automatically saves modified files as a file name prefixed with "AutoSave-" without displaying a dialog box when EmEditor crashes or when Windows is forced to restart in case of automatic updates. Also, EmEditor now prompts a message box displaying automatically recovered files when restarted.

The file size displayed on the status bar when a file is opened is now displayed in KB, MB, or GB as necessary.

Triple-clicking now selects a whole line.

The QueryStringByID method is added.

EmEditor can now record and play keystrokes and mouse operation against other applications.

The Shell Object and the Windows Collection were added.

Children, ClassName, Enabled, Height, hWnd, LeftX, OutputBar, Parent, ProcessID, ThreadID, Top, Valid, Visible, and Width properties and FindWindow, FindWindowByID, SetFocus, SetForeground, and SetPosition methods were added to the Window object.

The Config property was added to the Document Object.

Objects for Configuration Properties (AssociationItem Object, AssociationList Collection, AssociationProp Object, AutoSaveProp Object, BackupProp Object, Config Object, Configs Collection, DisplayItem Object, DisplayList Collection, DisplayProp Object, FileNewProp Object, FileSaveProp Object, FileProp Object, FontItem Object, FontList Collection, FontProp Object, GeneralProp Object, HighlightItem Object, HighlightList Collection, HighlightProp Object, IndentProp Object, KeyboardItem Object, KeyboardList Collection, KeyboardProp Object, LinkProp Object, MarkProp Object, NoWrapItem Object, NoWrapList Collection, NoWrapProp Object, PrintProp Object, ScrollProp Object, and WrapProp Object) were added.

The GetLine method, GetLines method were added to the Document Object.

The Configs method was added to the Editor Object.

The OutputBar Object was added.

The virtual space mode is now supported (Enable Virtual Space check box in the General page of Configuration Properties).

The Open dialog box now allows multiple files to open simultaneously.

Option for Portability (Ready for a USB Drive Install)

Record Mouse Activities and Keyboard Input to Other Applications check box, Record All Mouse Movements check box, and Idle Time before Inserting Sleep method text box were added to the Options page in the Customize Macros dialog box.

New plug-ins: the Projects plug-in, the Find Bar plug-in, the HTML Bar plug-in, and the Word Complete plug-in were added.

Macros Toolbar, Refresh Toolbars, Record All Activities, Record All Except Mouse/Keyboard Activities, Left Custom Bar, Top Custom Bar, Right Custom Bar, Bottom Custom Bar commands were added.

Replace command, Uppercase command, Lowercase command, Capitalize command, Half-Width command, and Full-Width command now allow a vertical selection to be converted.

When printing, a document with the Form Feed code (U+000C) now inserts a new page at the code.

The Transparent option was added to the text and background colors.

The Wrap Indent check box was added to the Tab/Indent dialog box.

The Save Workspace Automatically check box and the Restore Workspace Automatically check box were added to the Window page of the Customize dialog box.

The Highlight Right All check box was added to the Highlight (1) page of the Configuration Properties.

The Smooth Scroll check box and the Smooth Scroll slider were added to the Scroll page of the Configuration Properties.

You can now include a library file from a macro (#include directive).

New command line option (/ne) was added.

Column text box was added to the Jump dialog box.

When more than one file is modified and the Close All command is selected, the Save changes to... message box now includes the Apply to All checkbox.

EI_GET_CURRENT_FOLDER and EI_IS_LARGE_DOC commands were added to EE_INFO message (Editor_Info, Editor_DocInfo inline functions).

Output Encoding drop-down list box was added to the External Tool Properties dialog box.

The Close button can be now displayed on the Active tab or on each tab (Close Button drop-down list box).

Read-only icons can be now displayed on tabs (Show Read-Only Icon check box).

ALT + DELETE to clear an item from search history in the Find drop-down list box.

User defined menus allowing two-stroke key shortcuts (Delay Time slider).

The Theme drop-down list box, the > button, and the Character Space text box were added to the Display page of Configuration Properties.

You can now define event-driven macros (Events button, Runs at Events check box, Events text box, Select Events dialog box).

Under Windows Vista, Open/Save As dialog boxes are now Windows Vista design, and allows you to easily access to previous versions of files, which is one of the features of Windows Vista.

The installer now does not allow you to change the install folder if a previous version is already installed.

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