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EmEditor Macro Reference: GetColumn Method

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GetColumn Method

Retrieves a column of text in CSV mode.


str = document.GetColumn( iColumn, strDelimiter, flags, yTop, yLines );


str = document.GetColumn( iColumn, strDelimiter, flags, yTop, yLines )



Specifies the index of the column.


Specifies the delimiter to separate the string for the output. This parameter cannot be empty.


Specifies one of the following values. The eeCellDontCheckDelimiter can be combined with one of the other flags.


The returned text may not include surrounded double-quotes or delimiters.


The returned text may include surrounded double-quotes but no delimiters.


The returned text may include surrounded double-quotes and delimiters.


Specifies that the method should fail if each cell contains the delimiter. If this is not specified, the method will not check whether each cell contains the delimiter.


Specifies a line number of the first line to set. If omitted, the first line is specified.


Specifies the number of lines to set as a limit. If this is zero or omitted, no limit is specified.


The following example retrieves the first column, and insert a new column with the length of each cell as the second column. A CSV document must be active before this macro is run. Since a linefeed (\n, Chr(10)) is used as a delimiter, we assume that each cell does not contain a linefeed.


s1 = document.GetColumn( 1, "\n", eeCellIncludeNone );

sLines = s1.split("\n");

s2 = "";

nTotal = sLines.length;

for( y = 0; y < nTotal; y++ ) {

   count = sLines[y].length;

   s2 += count + "\n";


x = s2.length;

if( x > 0 ) s2 = s2.substr( 0, x - 1 );

document.InsertColumn( 2, s2, "\n", eeDontQuote );



s1 = document.GetColumn( 1, Chr(10), eeCellIncludeNone )

sLines = Split( s1, Chr(10) )

s2 = ""

For Each s In sLines

   count = Len(s)

   s2 = s2 & CStr( count ) & Chr(10)


x = Len( s2 )

If x > 0 Then s2 = Left( s2, x - 1 )

document.InsertColumn 2, s2, Chr(10), eeDontQuote



Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 16.8 or later.

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