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EmEditor Plug-in Reference: EE_FIND_REPLACE

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Searches or replaces a string. You can send this message explicitly or use the Editor_FindReplace or Editor_BatchFindReplace inline function.


   wParam = (WPARAM) (BATCH_INFO*) pBatchInfo;

   lParam = (LPARAM) (FIND_REPLACE_INFO*) pFindReplaceInfo;



Pointer to the BATCH_INFO structure. This parameter can be NULL if no batch search is specified.


Pointer to the FIND_REPLACE_INFO structure. If pBatchInfo is not NULL, this parameter can specify the array of FIND_REPLACE_INFO structures.

Return Values

Returns S_OK if the searched string is found, S_FALSE if not found. The return value is a negative value if an error occurs. The negative value includes E_ABORT if a user cancels the search, and E_FAIL if a fatal error occurs.


Supported on Version 15.7 or later.

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