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EmEditor Plug-in Reference: EE_SET_SCROLL_POS

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Specifies the scroll bars position. You can send this message explicitly or by using the Editor_SetScrollPos inline function or Editor_SetScrollPosEx inline function.


   wParam = (WPARAM) (BOOL) bCanMoveCursor;

   lParam = (LPARAM) (POINT_PTR*) pptPos;



If this parameter is TRUE and if the Move Cursor by Scrolling check box is selected, the cursor position will also move. If this parameter is FALSE, the cursor position will not move.


Pointer to a POINT_PTR structure that specifies the scroll bar positions. The cursor position will not be changed.

Return Values

The return value is not used.


Supported on EmEditor Professional Version 3.00 or later. However, bCanMoveCursor is supported on Version 5.00 or later. On the previous versions, bCanMoveCursor is assumed to be FALSE.

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