Rename command


Renames the current file.


Unlike the Save As command, this command renames the current file, then deletes the old file if the old file exists. If the document has been saved into a file before, this command displays the Save As dialog box, which allows you to enter a file name to save the currently opened file. After you specify a new file name, the prompt message "Are you sure you want to delete ...?" appears. Selecting Yes will delete the file with the previous name. Selecting No will not delete the previous name, but save the file as the new name, equivalent to the behavior of the Save As command. If the document has never been saved into a file, the Rename dialog box appears instead, where you can change the document title without saving it into a file.

If you want to save the file as a different name but do not want to delete the previous file, use the Save As command instead.

How to Run

  • Default Menu: File > Rename

  • All Commands: File > Save > Rename

  • Toolbar: None

  • Status Bar: None

  • Default Shortcut Key: None

Plug-in Command ID






editor.ExecuteCommandByID 4252