List of Recent Files to Insert command


Inserts a specified recently accessed file at the cursor position (multiple items).


This command consists of multiple menu items, allowing you choose a recently accessed file to insert at the cursor position. The number of files to be displayed as the recent files can be set on the Number of Recent Files text box on the History page of the Customize dialog box, under the Tools Menu (Tools > Customize > History).

How to Run

  • Default Menu: Insert > (select file name)

  • All Commands: Insert > (select file name)

  • Toolbar: None

  • Status Bar: None

  • Default Shortcut Key: None

Plug-in Command ID

From EEID_FILE_MRU_INSERT1 through EEID_FILE_MRU_INSERT1 + 63 (from 4864

through 4864 + 63)



editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4864 + i); // i is an integer from 0 through 63


editor.ExecuteCommandByID 4864 + i   ' i is an integer from 0
through 63