AI Prompts command


Asks a specified AI prompt (multiple items).


This command consists of multiple menu items. You can run this command to ask an AI prompt defined in the AI Prompts page of the Customize dialog box. When you run this command, it asks the AI ​​a question using the AI ​​prompt you specified.

How to Run

  • Default Menu: Tools > AI > (AI prompt)

  • All Commands: AI > (AI prompt)

  • Toolbar: Each button on the AI toolbar

  • Status Bar: None

  • Default Shortcut Key: None

Plug-in Command ID

From EEID_AI_ITEM1 through EEID_AI_ITEM1 + 1023 (from 29184 through 29184 + 1023)



editor.ExecuteCommandByID(29184+i);  // i is an integer from 0 through


editor.ExecuteCommandByID 29184+i  ' i is an integer from 0 through 1023