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Command: Insert category

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Insert category

Time and Date

Inserts time and date.

Date and Time

Inserts date and time.

Insert Grave

Inserts a character with a grave accent.

Insert Acute

Inserts a character with an acute accent.

Insert Circumflex

Inserts a character with a circumflex accent.

Insert Tilde

Inserts a character with a tilde.

Insert Diaeresis

Inserts a character with a diaeresis.

Insert Ring

Inserts a character with a ring above.

Insert Ligature

Inserts a ligature.

Insert Cedilla

Inserts a c/C character with a cedilla.

Insert Stroke

Inserts a o/O character with a stroke.

Insert Caron

Inserts a character with a caron.

Insert Macron

Inserts a character with a macron.

Insert Inverted Question Mark

Inserts an inverted question mark.

Insert Inverted Exclamation Mark

Inserts an inverted exclamation mark.

Insert Copyright

Inserts a copyright symbol.

Insert Registered

Inserts a registered symbol.

Insert Trademark

Inserts a trademark symbol.

Insert Euro

Inserts an euro symbol.

Insert Special Character

Inserts a special character.


Inserts numbering at the cursor position or vertical selection.


Continues a series or pattern into neighboring cells.

Open Line Above

Inserts a new line above the current cursor position.

Open Line Below

Inserts a new line below the current cursor position.

Duplicate Line

Duplicates the current logical line.

Insert CR

Inserts a carriage return at cursor.

Insert LF

Inserts a line feed at cursor.

Insert CR and LF

Inserts a carriage return and a line feed at the current cursor position.

Insert Tab

Inserts a tab at the current cursor position.


Toggles insert/overwrite mode.


Inserts a specified file at the current cursor position.

List of Recent Files to Insert

Inserts a specified recently accessed file at the cursor position (multiple items).

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