Text Rendering page

The Text Rendering page customizes how text is rendered in the editor view. Changes are applied instantly, so that they can be previewed in the editor.

Use DirectWrite check box

If this is checked, DirectWrite is used for drawing text in the editor view. If this is unchecked, GDI is used for drawing text. DirectWrite is a GPU-accelerated DirectX API which improves the rendering and readability of text compared to GDI. DirectWrite is not applied for printing, print preview, or the minimap.

Auto-Detect Settings check box

Detects optimal settings for the monitor. This option may set separate settings for different monitors. The DirectWrite options below are ignored if Auto-Detect Settings is on.

Anti-Aliasing Mode drop-down list box

Sets the anti-aliasing mode for text display. ClearType is an anti-aliasing method that adds sub-pixel detail to text. Grayscale is a more simple antialiasing method. Selecting None will turn off anti-aliasing.

Rendering Mode drop-down list box

Sets the rendering mode for text display. Different rendering modes add subtle changes to text appearance due to how anti-aliasing is rendered. By selecting Default, the rendering mode is automatically selected. If anti-aliasing mode is "None", rendering mode is ignored. ClearType and the rendering mode "Outline" cannot be used simultaneously. See "DWRITE_RENDERING_MODE (Windows 8 and later) enumeration" on MSDN for detailed information on each rendering mode.

Gamma slider

Gamma value used for gamma correction.

Contrast slider

Adjusts edge sharpness. 0.0 is the lowest degree of contrast, and 3.0 is the highest degree of contrast.

ClearType Level slider

The ratio of ClearType antialiasing. A value of 0.0 means no ClearType is applied, and 1.0 means ClearType has full effect.

Use Color Fonts check box

Draws color using embedded color information in fonts. Available to Windows 8.1 and later platforms.

Use Double Buffering check box

Uses double buffering to draw text on screen. Double buffering reduces flicker, but makes drawing slower. If a slower computer is used and if drawing is slow, please clear this check box. This checkbox is disabled if DirectWrite is used.

Fallback Fonts list box

Defines fallback fonts that can be used for characters that are not supported in the current font. The current display font is specified in the Customize Font dialog box. The top-most font in the Fallback Fonts list has the highest priority in selecting a fallback font. Right-clicking on the list will show additional commands, and drag and dropping an item will change ordering.

Display Hangul Jamo Composed check box

If this is checked, EmEditor displays a correct series of Hangul Jamo as composed characters. For example, "ᄒ ᅡ ᆫ ᄀ ᅳ ᆯ" (without spaces) will be displayed as "한글". This option is also effective to display old Hangul correctly where composed characters are unavailable.

Add button

Adds a new item to the list.

Delete button

Deletes the selection from the list.

Reset button

Resets all Text Rendering options to their default settings.