Update page

The Update page allows you to customize settings related to the notifications.

Automatically check for updates check box

Automatically checks for updates every specified number of days.

Automatically install on exit check box

Automatically installs a new version when EmEditor exits if a new version is available.

Include beta versions check box

Checks for updates Including beta versions as well as official release versions when checking for updates.

Check frequency text box

Specifies how often you want to check for updates. If 0 is specified, EmEditor checks for updates every time it launches.

Downloads folder text box

Specifies a destination folder where you want to download new versions.

Create log files to debug in the Downloads folder check box

Creates two types of log files in the Downloads folder. One is Updater.log, and the other is created as a format of EEInst-YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS.txt. These files might help debugging the Update Checker if the Update Checker failed to install new versions.

Reset button

Resets to default settings.