String/Character Range dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Add button on the Fuzzy Matching Options dialog box is selected.

String radio button/text box

Selects a string, and specifies a string to match.

Character Range radio button

Selects a character range.

Unicode Script list box

Selects Unicode scripts.

Unicode General Category list box

Selects Unicode general category.

Minimum character text box

Enter the minimum character of a range. You may enter at least 4-digit character code value in a hexadecimal value with or without "U+" prefix, or actual one character. For instance, you may enter: "U+0061", "0061", or "a".

Maximum character text box

Enter the maximum character of a range as the same format as the Minimum character text box.

Treat as - Ignore radio button

Ignores the matched string or character.

Treat as - A string text box

Enter a character or a string to be substituted for. If this is empty, the specified string or character range is ignored. The string or character can include the following escape sequences.


Warning (Bell)




Horizontal tab


Vertical tab




Unicode character in hexadecimal notation