Customize Menus dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Customize Menu command is selected.

Defined Menu list box

Components of the defined menu.

Delay Time slider

Specifies the delay time to display the menu when a user menu is selected. It is possible to enter a shortcut key before the menu is displayed.

Insert Above button

Insert above the selected item.

Insert Below button

Insert below the selected item.

Insert Right button

Insert a new menu to the right of the selected popup menu.

Properties button

Show or edit the selected configuration properties in the list.

Delete button

Click this button to delete the selected item from the list.

Up button

Move the selected item up on the list.

Down button

Move the selected item down on the list.

Reset button

Resets to default settings.

The following dialog box is also available through this dialog box.

Menu Properties dialog box (Select Properties button)