Customize Font dialog box

This dialog box appears when Customize Font command is selected, or when the Font button is selected on the Display page or the Print page of the Configuration Properties.

Font Category list box

Select the character set of the font you want to change from the list.

Show Fixed Pitch Fonts Only check box

Shows only fixed pitch fonts to choose.

Include Default Printer Fonts in Lists Below check box

If your default printer provides fonts, you can include those fonts in the Display Font and Print Font lists to expand your font choices.

Use Display Font as Printer Font check box

Use the display font as printer font, so that the printer font is the same as the display font.

Display Font group box - Change button

Specify the font to be used to display text.

Reset button

Resets to default settings. The Reset dialog box will be displayed and will allow you to copy from another configuration.

Select All button

Select the entire list.