Keyboard page

The Keyboard page allows you to set properties related to basic operations.

Category drop-down list box

Available category for commands.

Commands drop-down list box

Commands available for the selected category.

< button

Jumps back to the previously selected command.

Press New Shortcut Key text box

Enter shortcut key for the selected command.

Currently Assigned to text

Command that the shortcut key just pressed is currently assigned to.

> button

Jumps to the command that the currently assigned key is associated with.

Current Keys list box

Current keys assigned to the selected command.

Description text box

Description for the selected command.

Assign button

Assign the shortcut key to the currently selected command.

Delete button

Delete the currently selected shortcut key.

Reset button

Resets to default settings. The Reset dialog box will be displayed and will allow you to copy from another configuration.