Register Product dialog box

This dialog box appears when launching EmEditor if the correct registration key has never been entered.

How to Register - Enter Registration Key radio button

This option allows you to enter registration key without signing in to Emurasoft Customer Center.

Your Name text box

Please enter your name.

Registration Key text box

Please copy the registration key for the current version of EmEditor Professional to the Clipboard, select this text box, and press CTRL + V, or right-click to display the context menu, and select Paste. The key will be displayed or sent by email when you have purchased EmEditor Professional. If you upgrade from the previous version of EmEditor, you may request a key for the current version at Emurasoft Customer Center (

Email address text box

Please enter your email.

Password text box

Please enter your password.

Label device check box

Enabling Label device will add the label text to the device record in the Registered Devices table. By default, the label is {computer name} {user name}. The label is optional.