Registration Information dialog box

The Registration Information dialog box displays information about your device and subscription or registration key. You can also check that your subscription or registration key is valid.

The dialog box is accessed through Help > Registration Information.

Information text

The following information may be displayed in the text box.

  • The first line contains "EmEditor Professional" or "EmEditor Free" and the version string.

  • If you signed in, your email address is displayed.

  • "Not registered" is displayed if you have not registered.

  • The device ID

  • You subscription ID if you are using a Stripe subscription

  • Your device will be validated, and the result will be printed. If successful, it will show "Validation successful". If unsuccessful, it will show diagnostic information to help solve the issue.

Edit Device Info button

This button opens the Edit device page on Emurasoft Customer Center, which allows you to view more information about your device.

Unregister button

This button unregisters your device.

Sign In/Enter Registration Key button

This button opens the Register Product dialog box.