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Dialog: Define Configurations dialog box

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Define Configurations dialog box

This dialog box appears when the Define Configurations command is selected. You can define configurations here.

Configurations list box

List of currently defined configurations.

Select button

Set the selected item as the current configuration, and close the dialog box.

Close button

Click this button to close the dialog box.

New button

Click this button to add a new item to the list. The New dialog box appears when you click this button.

Delete button

Click this button to delete the selected item from the list.

Copy button

Make a copy of the selected item.

Select All button

Select the entire list.

Properties button

Show or edit the selected configuration properties in the list.

Set as Default button

Set the selected item as the default configuration. The default configuration is selected when EmEditor is launched or when the New Text command is selected.

Associations button

Click this button to go to the Configuration Associations dialog box.

Reset All button

Click this button to reset all items to default settings.


The following dialog boxes are also available through this dialog box.

b New dialog box (Select New button)

b Configuration Associations dialog box (Select Associations button)

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