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My Macros tab

The My Macros tab allows you to set options related to My Macros.

My Macros list box

Displays the list of My Macros.

Add button

Click this button to add a new item to the list.

Delete button

Click this button to delete the selected item from the list.

Delete All button

Click this button to delete all items from the list.

Up button

Move the selected item up on the list.

Down button

Move the selected item down on the list.

Edit button

Opens the selected macro file with EmEditor so that you can edit the macro.

Events button

Displays the Select Events dialog box so you can select events which the selected macro can be associated with.

Runs at Events check box

Runs the selected macro at the specified events.

Events text box

Displays the events at which the macro runs.

Path text box

Displays the full path of the selected macro.


The following dialog box is also available through this dialog box.

b Select Events dialog box (Select Events button)

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