Q. When reading Macintosh text files, some characters are converted to different characters. How can I read Macintosh text files correctly?

Macintosh uses slightly different code pages than Windows does. In Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, where Macintosh code pages are installed, you can convert Macintosh text files into Windows text files. First, select the Define Encodings command under the Tools menu. In the Define Encodings dialog box, press the New button, and select a Macintosh encoding, for example, "10001 (MAC - Japanese)". Select an appropriate character set, for example, Japanese. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Next, select the Open command under the File menu, select your defined encoding, for example, "10001 (MAC - Japanese)" from the Code Page combo box, and then select a Macintosh file that you would like to read.

In Windows 98/Me, where Macintosh code pages are not installed, you cannot read Macintosh text files correctly if they contain special characters that cannot be read by Windows code pages.