Q. The "User Account Control (UAC) prompts are required to update" notification appears when EmEditor is launched. How should I respond to this?

If you don't mind the UAC prompts during future updates, you can simply ignore this notification by clicking the "Do not show this notification again" link. On the other hand, if you would like to avoid the UAC prompts in the future, you should uninstall the current copy of EmEditor first, and then install EmEditor as a per-user install. When you uninstall, a message box appears to ask whether you want to save all your settings. Selecting YES on this message box will leave all your settings during uninstall and will become available when you install EmEditor again. A per-user install is the default install of EmEditor, and you don't need to select any additional options while you install EmEditor. You might need to enter your registration key again when you launch EmEditor after reinstall.