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q When I try saving a file as a file name without an extension, ".txt" will be added automatically. How can I prevent an extension from being added to a file name?

q When opening a file, EmEditor detects the file as a Western European file even though it is actually a Japanese (Shift JIS) file.

q How can I close all windows at the same time?

q How can I open from the same folder in the open dialog?

q How can I save an empty file?

q Printing font size is too small.

q When reading Macintosh text files, some characters are converted to different characters. How can I read Macintosh text files correctly?

q When I write a Java class with EmEditor and compile it I get an error that states that there are three invalid characters at the beginning of my class. This happens every time and I do not have any characters before the class keyword, which is where the error says they are.

q When using a shared folder on a network, is it possible to prevent other users from making changes to a file that I have open and I am working on?

q Why does neither EmEditor nor Notepad appear when I click View Source in Internet Explorer?

q How do I print my document in color or in black and white?

q What can I do to speed up opening a very large file?

q How can I paste Japanese (or Korean, Chinese, etc.) Word documents into EmEditor and save as text files?

q How can I open an XML file as Western European, not as UTF-8?

q How can I start a new Java file or XML file as Western European, not as UTF-8?

q EmEditor is specified as an external text editor from another application. Why doesn't the change made by EmEditor reflect the application?

q Can I open GB18030 files?

q How can I convert file encodings with the command line?

q How can I open a file with a certain file extension by double clicking in Explorer?

q How can I open a file exclusively?

q Internet Explorer terminates when I view source of a local HTML file and then save the file.

q What are three invalid characters at the beginning of my file?

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