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q Can you tell me how to install the new version of EmEditor?

q I am using a previous version of EmEditor. Can I install a newer version of EmEditor without uninstalling the previous version?

q Can both the old version of EmEditor and new version of EmEditor coexist in the same computer?

q What do I do if EmEditor crashes when starting or editing?

q How can I remove the EmEditor Tray Icon permanently?

q How can I install EmEditor without displaying dialog boxes?

q How can I change the install folder?

q How can I install an EmEditor syntax file?

q I am using a new version (or a new beta version) of EmEditor. Can I install an older version of EmEditor without uninstalling the new version?

q How to change associated text file icons?

q EmEditor does not run.

q Crack, Keygen, Serial

q When I try to install EmEditor, the "Error deleting file" message appears and cannot continue.

q The digital signature of a program files could not be verified (when the Internet connection is unavailable).

q The "User Account Control (UAC) prompts are required to update" notification appears when EmEditor is launched. How should I respond to this?

q How can I disable EmEditor from the context menu displayed when you right-click on Explorer?

q I want to specify a new folder to install EmEditor, but it is always installed to C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Programs\EmEditor. Why can't I specify a different folder?

q How can I select the Everybody (all users) during installation?

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