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q The cursor shape used to look like 'I' but now it looks like a solid rectangle. When I type a letter, it is not inserted but overwrites an existing character. What happened?.

q Can I display single-byte spaces as any marks?

q When I open a file using the default settings, it becomes unreadable, and if I choose another character set from the Font Category sub menu under the View menu, it becomes worse. But if I select a proper encoding when I open the file, it works. Why?

q When do I use Font Category under the View menu?

q How can I display continuous line numbers from page to page? I never had this problem, but now something changed in my configuration.

q What are logical coordinates and display coordinates? What is a logical line?

q I display line numbers on the left edge of EmEditor window. When a line is wrapped, I do not want to see the line number incremented within the logical line. How do I configure this behavior?

q I don't like the new toyish Windows XP style toolbars. Can I use the old toolbar buttons?

q Can I change the Tray Icon on the Task bar to my favorite icon?

q How can I highlight previously searched strings more than once with different colors?

q How can I display an underline at the cursor position?

q How can I display URLs without breaking at specific characters (such as , (comma))?

q The cursor vertical line is thin. Can it be thicker?

q How can I find the number of the words in the selection?

q How can I decode Numeric Character References ("&#xxx") into Unicode characters?

q How can I find the return type (e.g. CR, LF, CR+LF) for each line?

q How can I add the Marks button to the Toolbar?

q How can I display line numbers?

q In XHTML and XML documents, XML files, text inside a tag and the matching tag at the cursor becomes highlighted. Can you stop this behavior?

q Whenever I open multiple files, I get a complete new window. How can I revert to Tabs?

q How can I change the user interface language?

q A backslash character is sometimes displayed as a Japanese Yen or Korean Won mark. When I copy a backslash character to the Clipboard, and paste it to a certain web page, it becomes a Japanese Yen or Korean Won mark. Is this a bug?

q Different fonts are used when opening different files, or the font used for a new file is different. How can I always use the same font?

q How can I display emoji in full colors?

q How can I select large icons for toolbars?

q How can I add an icon to the toolbar?

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