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Feature: More Features Added (Version 7)

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More Features Added (Version 7)

Other features introduced in Version 7 include:

The virtual space mode.

Read Only icon on tab.

Close button on each tab or on active tab.

User defined menus allowing two-stroke key shortcuts.

Smooth Scroll

Triple-clicking now selects a whole line.

Column text box in the Jump dialog box.

Apply to All checkbox in the Save changes to ... message box.

Ability to adjust character space.

Ability to select an encoding for the Output bar.

Options to save/load workspace automatically.

Options to highlight right side or right all.

The Open dialog box now allows multiple files to open simultaneously.

Theme feature for color settings, and ability to preview new colors.

The Transparent option was added to the text and background colors.

EmEditor automatically saves modified files as a file name prefixed with "AutoSave-" without displaying a dialog box when EmEditor crashes or when Windows is forced to restart because of automatic updates. Also, EmEditor prompts a message box displaying automatically recovered files when restarted.

The file size displayed on the status bar when a file is opened is displayed in KB, MB, or GB as necessary.

Alt + Delete to clear an item from search history in the Find drop-down list.

Snippets plug-in now allows multiple lines.

#include directive for macros.

Event-driven macros can be defined.

Multiple lines can be entered by dragging and resizing the border at the lower right corner of the Find/Replace dialog.

Wrap Indent can be specified.

Under Windows Vista, Open/Save As dialog boxes are Windows Vista design and allow you to easily access previous versions of the files, which is one of the features of Windows Vista.

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