Version 11

September 21, 2011

New General Features

  • Markers

  • Tooltip to show HTML/XML character reference

  • Find toolbar

  • Batch replace

  • The new Delete Duplicate Lines command allows you delete duplicate lines in the selection if a portion of text is selected, or in the entire document.

  • The sort commands now sort the selected text only when a portion of text is selected.

  • The new Recently Closed Files commands allow you to open recently closed files.

  • Supports the Hanja conversion of Korean IME.

  • The status bar now allows you to display the number of characters in the selection, the number of words in the selection, and the number of lines in the selection. Also, the display order can be customizable now.

  • Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) is now supported. (Supporting fonts are needed.)

  • Boost version 1.47.

  • Hunspell version 1.3.1.

New options

New commands

Macros new features

Plug-in API new features

  • The m_bHighlightCharRef member was added to the CCustomizeInfo class.

  • New commands (from EEID_SHOW_FIND_BAR through EEID_CLOSE_FIND_BAR and EEID_RECENT_CLOSED_FILE1) were added.