Version 12

September 25, 2012

New General Features

  • Matching Tag Highlight

  • Improved Bookmarks

  • Improved Markers

  • Messaging (Plug in)

  • Optimization - When launching EmEditor, the new version doesn't scan My Macro files for #icon and #title anymore. This allows much faster launching of EmEditor. If these #icon and #title lines are modified before EmEditor launches, you will have to select Refresh on the right-click menu of My Macros toolbar.

  • Windows 8 Support - This version is designed for and compatible with Windows 8. Touch Input and Flicks are supported including scroll, cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, redo, back, forward, print, save, and others when Touch Input is available. Menus appear left when right-handed Tablet PC settings are used. Moreover, Toast displays incoming messages on Windows 8 when EmEditor receives messages from another PC. This allows viewing incoming messages even when a Metro app is the foreground window.

  • Explorer context menu is now supported on 64-bit Windows with 32-bit EmEditor.

  • Pressing F3 or Shift + F3 while the Find dialog is open and focused now will function as same as pressing the Find Down or Find Up button.

  • Several shortcut keys including the Replace All are now enabled even when the Find toolbar has the keyboard focus.

  • The Batch Replace dialog can export as JavaScript or VBScript files now.

  • onenote:// is hyperlinked now.

  • The Character Code Value command now shows the Unicode surrogate values in addition to the Unicode value. For example, U+10000 now displays as:


U+D800 U+DC00

  • Back and Forward toolbar buttons were added.

  • The new search drop-down list box was added to the toolbar of the Keymap window.

  • On the Keyboard page of configuration properties, the new > and < buttons were added to jump to the currently assigned command and back to the previous commands in the history.

  • When the Preserve CR/LF Returns on the Clipboard is checked, vertical selection paste from a CSV document will now preserve returns under a certain condition.

  • The vertical selection paste behavior was changed when lines are wrapped.

  • Toolbar positions are now remembered when you toggle off and on each toolbar, and screen flickering was reduced.

  • Support for more application command buttons on certain mouse and keyboards, such as new, close, cut, copy, find, paste, delete, undo, redo, back, forward, print, save, search, help, spelling, and others.

New Plug-in Features

HTML Bar plug-in

  • The HTML Bar now remembers its visibility even when the Automatically display the HTML Bar for Selected Configurations check box is not set.

Snippets plug-in

  • Dragging and dropping on the Snippet tree while pressing the CTRL key now copies items.

  • The title of a snippet is now automatically cut off at 79 characters long when text is imported by drag-and-drop from the text area or another application.

  • The Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C), and Paste (Ctrl+V) commands were added to the Snippets plug-in. These commands can be used to copy or move snippets items easily around the snippet tree. The Paste command can be also used to insert a simple text snippet to the snippet tree.

  • The Snippets text is now displayed as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over an item on the Snippets tree (Context menu - View - Tooltip must be checked in order to enable this feature).

Projects plug-in

  • The Current File was added to the drop-down list of the Symbol List custom bar. This allows you to view a file not included in any projects.

  • The Refresh button was added to the Symbol List custom bar.

  • The Symbol list now works for files not in a project. The Current File and All Open Files items were added to the Symbol drop-down list.

  • Expand All and Collapse All commands were added to the Context menu.

  • Replaced Ctags.exe with the latest version (Ctags v5.8).

New options

  • The Right Click + Wheel to Switch Tab check box was added to the Mouse page of the Customize dialog box.

  • The Monitor the Clipboard copied on External Applications check box was added to the History page of the Customize dialog box. By default, EmEditor will no longer monitor the Clipboard in order avoid conflict with certain other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

New commands

New Toolbar Buttons

Find Toolbar

Shows or hides the find toolbar.


Moves the cursor to the previous position.


Moves the cursor to the next position.

Plug-in API new features

  • EI_GET_RES_DLL_INSTANCE flag (EE_INFO message).