Version 13

June 11, 2013

New General Features

  • Multiple Selection Editing

  • More Support for Very Large Files

  • Multiple File Encoding Conversions

  • Quick Launch

  • The Comment/Uncomment commands now work as begin/end comments (for example, /* ... */) in addition to line comments. EmEditor will choose begin/end comments when the middle of a line is selected.

  • A workspace now saves all bookmarks automatically. Bookmarks will no longer be erased when reloading files.

  • When creating a new file by specifying a non-existing file name in the Open dialog box, EmEditor will now create a zero-byte empty file.

  • The Help for each dialog box now contains information about all the controls without needing to navigate through branch items. The Help button was deprecated, and pressing the ? button or the F1 key will bring up the pertinent Help.

  • A progress bar and a percentage indicator are now displayed in the progress window.

  • The new Fast Binary Comparison (Ignore Locale) allows for faster sort. Clearing the Stable Sort also allows for faster sort when stable sorting is not necessary.

  • Find in Files dialog box now shows all associated file extensions of the current configuration in the File Types text box when Current File Type is selected from the > menu.

  • High-DPI settings supported.

  • The new version allows you to select text with the mouse outside of the text area specified by the Narrowing command.

  • The installer now allows you to add the Context Menu to Windows Explorer, and to have EmEditor check the updates.


  • EmEditor Free is back! This time, EmEditor Free is the same executable file as EmEditor Professional. After you try EmEditor Professional for 30 days, you can still use EmEditor Free without purchasing the product for personal use only.

  • When a user clicks on the left edge or the line numbers, a menu related to bookmarks now appears.

  • /ff and /mc command line options allow you to find a string in an opened document.

New Plug-in Features

HTML Bar plug-in

  • The large-size toolbar is now available.

Outline plug-in

  • Optimized for speed when displaying outline as guide.

Projects plug-in

  • Solution loading operates much more quickly, as projects are not loaded until they are used.

  • The Reload command was added in the context menu - Solution sub menu. Also, the F5 key was assigned as the Reload command.

  • The Projects plug-in now supports Visual Studio nested projects.

New options

New commands

Macro new features

Plug-in API new features