Version 14.2

January 7, 2014

New General Features

  • User-defined guides can be set now. User-defined guides are vertical lines at specified columns on the editor for each configuration. User-defined guides allow you to easily view vertically arranged source code or text files.

  • The context menu when right-clicking on the Ruler now includes the Add/Remove User-Defined Guide command, which conveniently add a new guide, or remove an existing guide at the mouse-pointed position.

  • CTRL + SHIFT + I was assigned to the default keyboard shortcut for the Insert Special Character command.

  • If the Code Value text box was last used in the Insert Special Character dialog box, the new version now initially sets the keyboard focus to the Code Value text box when you open the dialog box again.

  • New HTML 5 elements and CSS 3 properties were added as highlight words to the default HTML and CSS configurations.

  • The new Insert Macron command allows you to insert characters with a macron. Moreover, the existing insert accent character commands were extended to type the following additional characters (please see Insert Special Characters for the complete list):

Accent Type

To type this

Press (default keyboard shortcuts)


Ǹ, ǹ, Ỳ, ỳ

CTRL + ` (ACCENT GRAVE), the letter


Ć, ć, Ĺ, ĺ, Ń, ń, Ŕ, ŕ, Ǵ, ǵ, Ḱ, ḱ, Ḿ, ḿ, Ṕ, ṕ, Ẃ, ẃ

CTRL + ' (APOSTROPHE), the letter


Ĉ, ĉ, Ĝ, ĝ, Ĥ, ĥ, Ĵ, ĵ, Ŝ, ŝ, Ŵ, ŵ, Ŷ, ŷ

CTRL + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter


Ĩ, ĩ, Ṽ, ṽ, Ỹ, ỹ

CTRL + SHIFT + ~ (TILDE), the letter


Ẅ, ẅ, Ẍ, ẍ, ẗ, ¨

CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), the letter or SPACE


Ů, ů

CTRL + SHIFT + @, the letter


Ł, ł, Ⱥ, Ȼ, Ɇ, ɇ

CTRL + /, the letter


Č, č, Ď, ď, Ě, ě, Ľ, ľ, Ň, ň, Ř, ř, Š, š, Ť, ť, Ž, ž, Ǧ, ǧ, Ǩ, ǩ, ǰ, Ȟ, ȟ, ˇ

ALT + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter or SPACE


Ā, ā, Ē, ē, Ō, ō, Ū, ū, Ȳ, ȳ, Ḡ, ḡ, Ī, ī, ¯

ALT + - (HYPHEN), the letter or SPACE

Diaeresis + Grave

Ǜ, ǜ

CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), CTRL + ' (APOSTROPHE), the letter

Diaeresis + Acute

Ǘ, ǘ, Ḯ, ḯ

CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), CTRL + ' (APOSTROPHE), the letter

Diaeresis + Caron

Ǚ, ǚ

CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), ALT + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter

Diaeresis + Macron

Ǖ, ǖ, Ǟ, ǟ, Ȫ, ȫ

CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), ALT + - (HYPHEN), the letter

New Options

  • The Disable markers automatically when the Markers toolbar is hidden check box was added to the Options page of the Customize Markers dialog box.

  • The << Find button was added to the Replace dialog box.

  • The Show User-Defined Guides check box and the User-Defined Guide Positions text box were added to the Marks page of configuration properties.

  • The User-Defined Guides item was added to the Specified Part list box in the Display page of Configuration Properties.

New Commands

Macro New Features