Version 14.5

June 25, 2014

New General Features

  • The Synchronize Outline Bar and Outline Guide command. This will synchronize the expand/collapse status of both the Outline Bar and the Outline Guide.

  • Even when EmEditor is operated under the CSV/TSV mode or the outlining mode, the cursor position and selection will not be altered so that the overall behavior will be more accurate.

  • The expand/collapse status of the outline guide and the outline bar tree will be retained when you switch documents, drag and drop the items on the outline bar tree, drag and drop the selected text to move or copy.

  • Further optimized code allows smaller executables despite of improved features.

  • Improved the response time after cancelling when searching in very large files.

  • The improved Update Checker allows less clicks to update EmEditor to future versions.

New Options

  • The Max level and Initially drop-down list boxes were added to the Outline page of configuration properties.

  • The Outline page of configuration properties now allows you to define up to 32 levels for the outlining.

  • The Synchronize selection to cursor position check box was deprecated in the Outline page of the Customize dialog box.

  • The Jump to the first invalid character check box was added to the dialog box which is displayed when an invalid character was encountered when opening a file.

New Commands