Version 14.6

October 21, 2014

New General Features

  • The new version allows you to define up to 8 separate value formats, and each format now allows up to 39 character long text. You can specify each format whether to allow delimiters in double quotes, whether to allow newline characters in double quotes, and the number of lines in the column headings.

  • The CSV/Sort toolbar was added and CSV related features were greatly enhanced.

  • The CSV/Sort toolbar allows you to change the CSV mode, CSV conversion, Fixed Width Columns, various column/separator related commands, sort commands, the Delete Duplicate Lines command, Line Number, Ruler, and Heading commands.

  • Following commands can be executed against all documents in the current group by clicking the button while pressing the SHIFT key — Normal Mode, all CSV commands, all Convert to commands, Fixed Width Columns, all sort commands, Delete Duplicate Lines, Heading 0 – 4, Adjust Separator Positions, Automatically Add Separators, and Remove All Separators.

  • The Sort by Multiple Columns command was added.

  • The new Filter Bar was added. The Filter Bar allows you to view only the lines that include a specified string.

  • The Extract All button was added to the Find dialog box. Pressing the Extract All button extracts lines containing the searched string to a new document.

  • Double-clicking on the ruler now selects the column except the headings. Triple-clicking the ruler selects the entire column. After double/triple-clicking, moving the mouse right or left while pressing the mouse button selects multiple columns.

  • Double-clicking the ruler will not adjust columns anymore.

  • The Updater feature which was temporarily disabled on v14.5.4 was restored. The new Updater installs only digitally signed update packages signed with the same certificate as the Updater.

New Options

  • The CSV page was added to the Customize dialog box.

  • The CSV files to Detect list box was added to the File page of configuration properties (The Detect CSV, Detect TSV, and Detect DSV check boxes were deprecated). The Delimiter text box was moved to the CSV page of the Customize dialog box.

  • The In the Selection Only check box was added to the Find dialog box.

  • The Headings, Search Range, and Filter items were added to the list in the Display page of configuration properties.

  • The Prefer UTF-8 check box was added to the File page of configuration properties.

New Commands

Macro New Features

Plug-in API New Features