Version 15.6

November 18, 2015

New General Features

  • Improved the speed of opening files. Compared to v15.5, the speed to open a large file (809 MB - 2.02 GB) became 12% - 23% faster.

  • You can now select the update channel. Selecting the beta channel will notify you all updates including betas.

  • The Quick Launch command now includes three modes: Commands (Ctrl + Shift + C), Options (Ctrl + Shift + O), and Symbols (Ctrl + Shift + S). Ctrl + Space to bring up the menu to change the mode.

  • The Quick Launch window can be opened as a modeless window. The toolbar in the Quick Launch window includes "Keep This Window Open" button instead of the "Close" button.

  • When multiple EmEditor groups exist, multiple configuration properties and/or Quick Launch windows can be displayed at once.

  • The Start window now moves along with the EmEditor window when moving the EmEditor window while the Start window is open.

  • The "Windows 10 has been detected. The View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer feature might have a conflict with Microsoft Edge..." warning message will not be displayed any more since Windows 10 Build 10586 fixes the Microsoft Edge bug.

  • The existing WrapTags.jsee macro was assigned to shortcut Ctrl + Shift + ,.

  • The following four macros were added.

New Macros

  • SymbolList.jsee (Displays the symbol list for the current source code)

  • GoToDefinition.jsee (Jumps to the definition of the function at the cursor, shortcut F12)

  • PopBrowseContext.jsee (Returns from the definition, shortcut Ctrl + Num *)

  • ParameterInfo.jsee (Displays the parameter information as a tooltip when the cursor is inside the parentheses of a function, shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Space)

New Options

New Commands

Plug-in New Features

  • The Projects plug-in supports 7 new user messages. These new user message can be used by defining USE_PROJECTS_PLUGIN before including the plug-in.h.