Version 16.7

April 24, 2017

New General Features

  • Supported "Per-Monitor DPI-aware v2", one of the new features of Windows 10 Creators Update. The dialog boxes, menus, and toolbars are displayed more naturally when using multiple monitors with different DPIs.

  • The default format for line numbers became pre-v16.5.

  • Greatly improved the speed for Find in Files and Extract in the Find dialog box using the Output bar.

Test results:




Extract "1"

166.8 seconds

0.93 seconds

179 times faster

Find "1" using Find in Files

120.3 seconds

0.90 seconds

134 times faster

\* 100,000 lines of "0123456789", Match Case deselected, Use Escape Sequences selected, Use Output Bar selected. Windows 10 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

New Options

  • The "Space Width" sliders were added to the Format page of the Customize dialog box.

  • The "3D Look" check box was added to the Scroll page of Configuration Properties.

Plug-in API New Features

Macro New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a certain bug related to the Extract feature in the Find dialog box.

  • Fixed a certain bug related to the standard input to the Output Bar.